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The insurance company uses their  adjusters to represent their own interests. Shouldn't you?


Welcome to the New Jersey Public Adjusters website. We are licensed insurance claims advocates ready to assist you in this confusing claims process. Our public adjusters are on call to answer your questions about your loss and how to proceed with your insurance claim. Please utilize our years of daily experience dealing with insurance companies to your advantage! 


kitchen water damage

 Remember, insurance companies hire and train their own adjusters to MINIMIZE your loss. Their adjusters work for the insurance company NOT for you.
Public Adjusters work for YOU, the home and business owner. With our intimate knowledge of insurance policies, repair costs and negotiation techniques, we fight for the MAXIMUM settlement to which you’re entitled.


commercial residential fire

Damages may include: 

Fire Damage  ♦ Smoke  ♦ Water   ♦  Hurricane   Plumbing leak ♦ Frozen Pipes ♦ 

Toilet overflow ♦ Tub overflow ♦ Roof leaks ♦ Roof Shingles damage ♦ Cracked ceramic tile ♦ Wind damage ♦ Heater puff backs ♦ Mold ♦ Theft ♦ Vandalism ♦ Weight of snow, ice or sleet ♦ Collapse ♦ Accidental damages to carpets, kitchen cabinets, wallpaper or flooring ♦ Melted or damaged siding 

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